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"I cannot thank you enough for making these products, which are my absolute favorite!! As a stem cell donor, I began weaning my body off all toxic, yet common ingredients 2 years ago, which is when I found your products. Amazing, beautiful, luscious and fabulous- I give your products as gifts to all of my girlfriends now,mand they're hooked. With gratitude, Susan"
Susan Newstrom

"I thought I needed to send you an email because I recently just found out I am allergic to many different types of trees, grass, food, etc. So far the hardest adjustment has been soy. I am allergic to soy and quickly found out that soy is in EVERYTHING. It's one thing to avoid it in food but to avoid it in cosmetics is just as hard. I'm having a hard time finding make-up, shampoo, conditioners, etc. without any soy. I recently purchased your lotion at my local whole foods and noticed you used non-soy vitamin E. I was extremely happy to find out that I am able to use your unscented lotion. I wanted to reach out and tell you how much I appreciate this product and love this product. The weather lately has made my face extremely dry and it's already irritated because of my recent out break of hives. Thank you so much for producing such a pure clean product!!"
Jenelle Roe

"This is the best cream I have ever used - - I even use it on my face and since doing so I have been amazed at how much softer my skin is - not only that, my skin looks different - it sounds corny but it actually looks younger. I love the fact that all the ingredients are natural and it has a natural SPF as well. Absolutely brilliant :-)"

"Omygoodness, love, love, love this lotion! The ingredients are so pure, you could eat them! It's silky smooth and leaves my skin feelings the same, without the oily build up that all the other lotions I've tried have."

"This smells like a freshly squeezed grapefruit! It makes my skin GLOW!"

"Wow!! This lotion is the best lotion I have ever used. My friend told me about this lotion and how it was different then any other and she was right!! It makes your skin feel silky soft."

"This is my favorite lotion!! I have oily skin and acne prone skin, but this lotion really balances my skin perfectly. I am love with it!"

"I absolutely LOVE this product. I bought the unscented specifically to use as a base for remedies I make using essential oils. It is non-greasy, chemical free, petroleum free, glycerin free and natural SPF 20. I can pronounce every ingredient and can feel it nourishing and moisturizing my skin. The scented lotions are also magnificent and I use them daily. I only chose the unscented to treat my son's eczema and he doesn't want to smell like vanilla, coconut or grapefruit. :)"

"Classy Cream ! Cool scent , delicate silky texture . Very easy to use bottle with dispenser , just the right portion of the issuing of this wonderful cream. A decent amount of it - then 59 milliliters. Impressions of the most enthusiastic , the skin cream after that simply says thank you ) ) . Very nice absorbed, so it can be used as night and as day cream ."

"LOVE LOVE LOVE ...Lady Bug Jane's Lip balm!! It is the BEST!! xox"
Nicole Pigeault, Los Angeles, CA

"I love the ladybug Jane lip balm and gloss! It is nice to have a product that is safe for my kids and tastes yummy too!" Amy Pagett, Ontario, Canada

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"These flavor balms are AMAZING!!!! They are sooo creamy... My kids also LOVE them!!! Pharasave is almost out of stock!" Amanda Lambert, Ontario, Canada

"Ladybug Jane Flavor balms are the ultimate Lip Balm that truly moisturizes and nurture's the lips. I love that I can have a glossy shine without any mica or titanium dioxide. Plus it tastes great too and since it's vegan and organic - it's now an important part of my daily diet and health regime. Thanks Lady Bug Jane - you rock!" Shanti Rae, CA

"Finally a Lip Balm that smells and tastes good! No guy wants to kiss a girl that tastes like petroleum products." Garth Reiber, Marina Del Rey, California

"I bought several of the Lip balm flavor balms as gifts and everyone I gave them to LOVED them! My 89 year trendy Grandmother had a hard time not eating her coconut lip gloss because she said it tasted so good. My mother really liked that you only needed to apply a small amount for all over coverage. We live in a very dry area and I am always applying various products to my four year sons lips, but nothing ever works 100%, especially since he licks it all off. Now I don't have to worry about him ingesting any toxins or dyes. These lip balms smell great! I took the lid off of my grape lip gloss and my son yelled from the back of our mini van "hey mom what are you eating"? I can't wait to see what is next for Ladybug Jane! Cheryl Prusinski, Southern Indiana

"This is the first time I have EVER responded to a product. I have been using the Luxe Lotion for one week and find it difficult to believe the positive change in my complexion. I am getting ready to order more. Thank you for sharing." Marcia I.



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