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Be clean and beautiful without risking your health or harming the planet. Give yourself and your children the inexplicable glow of natural beauty by using products that are pure, and nontoxic.

Must Read book! The truth behind the cosmetic industry.

Teach you how to read labels- Learn what is behind your label.

The mission of the Environmental Working Group (EWG) is to use the power of public information to protect public health and the environment.

http://slowdeathbyrubberduck.com/USA/- Great book!
“[Slow Death by Rubber Duck] isn't just alarmist environmental shock and awe. It's a thoughtful look at how pollution has shifted over the years from something tangible and transparent (industrial pollutants as the cause of acid rain) to something abstract and nuanced (BPA's links to breast cancer). The challenges this change presents, as many of the world's top scientists explain in these pages, should be of serious concern to us all."
O - The Oprah Magazine

Interview with Meryl Streep:

Beyond Acting: Meryl Streep, Activist Mom
By Wendy Gordon

WG: I remember you once saying that consumers need to be like chemists or toxicologists when they go shopping. What did you mean by that?

MS: I was being facetious to make a point. There are so many thousands of chemicals used to make and that are in our everyday products. Most of these have not been adequately tested for their effects on health. That's what I meant. If I were a young mother now, had an infant, and trying to figure out what nipple to put on a bottle, I would be reading all these things, finding out what BPA is, I'd be reading about endocrine mimickers and reading all those things. I do lament the fact that I didn't know anything about the problems with plastics when my oldest was born. I have such a wide range of kids; my oldest is 12 years older than the youngest. When Henry was little I was throwing these bottles in the microwaves, the way we all were. I don't think you ever stop being worried. So I did all those things, and then stopped by the time the last one came along. I think I weened her from the breast to the cup pretty much and she didn't really have a lot of bottles. But she had those plastic suckies, the pacifiers, with the phthalates.

Full article can be found here:

http://www.healthzone.ca/health/newsfeatures/article/808013--hidden-chemicals-found-in-perfumes Article from the Toronto star about hidden chemicals in perfume.


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