Ladybug Jane the Animation

During her first encounter with the human world, Ladybug Jane immediately realized the easiest way to make a difference in anyone’s health and the planet’s well being is by choosing Eco-friendly products.    

This responsibility requires an understanding of the ingredients collected to create the products you often use. Be warned, though, your research will likely reveal some shocking discoveries.

For example, lip gloss is a Ladybug Jane favorite. But, thanks to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, she now knows it can contain toxins and unsafe chemicals that can harm your liver, kidneys and nodes. (Find out more about protecting your health by eliminating dangerous chemicals used in your cosmetics and personal care products here:

Your knowledge becomes power when it carries over to your purchases. So when you demand safer products (without sacrificing beauty, of course), you contribute to a culture of change.You make a difference when you minimize the unhealthy substances and toxins you put in your body and the environment.

Make the CHOICE, take THE STEP, and be the CHANGE



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